Welcome to the 16th MUSE BW

16th MUSE BUSY WEEK will be hold in Chania, Greece from 22 - 26 of October 2018. Members of the MUSE consortium will meet to actively discuss the expertise and results on the analysis of GTO data.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Roland Bacon (CRAL, Lyon) 

Marcella Carollo (ETH Zurich) 

Thierry Contini (IRAP, Toulouse) 

Stefan Dreizler (Univ. Gottingen) 

Bruno Guiderdoni (CRAL, Lyon) 

Joop Schaye (Univ. Leiden) 

Peter Weilbacher (AIP, Potsdam)

Lutz Wisotzki (AIP, Potsdam)

Local Organizing Committee

Roland Bacon (CRAL, Lyon)  

Sandrine Ramage (CRAL, Lyon) 

Anna Feltre (CRAL, Lyon)

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